Growing "Immediate Responder"

Incredible!   My vocabulary word is starting to take hold!  

Here's the timeline of some major events leading to the creation of the term "IMMEDIATE RESPONDER":

April 15, 2013 - Boston Marathon Bombings


May, 2013 - "From Marathon Monday to Boston Strong:  The Response of Emergency Medicine to a Terrorist Attack" -  spoke at Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting in Atlanta. (described my experiences that day)


July, 2013 - "Am I a First Responder or A Victim?" - spoke at National Disaster Life Support Annual Meeting in Atlanta.  (first described role and function of immediate responders)


October, 2013 - I met a restaurant owner who was also in the blood, smoke, & glass that day, who also took immediate action at the Marathon Bombings and who had the same acute stress reaction and self-doubt, who  and who used his hands to try to stop the bleeding and to comfort other victims.  Talking to him made me immediately aware that he was just like me....trained or not trained, it does not matter.  If you are on the scene when the event happens, and you take immediate are an Immediate Responder.


November, 2013 - "The Boston Marathon Experience: A Personal Perspective" - keynote speaker at Center for Disaster Mental Health conference, at Wright State Research Institute in Dayton, OH. (first coined the new vocabulary word "Immediate Responder" while speaking to a group of mental health professionals attending this conference"


November, 2013 - Concept testing of "Immediate Responder" idea with:  a Trauma Surgeon, a Psychiatrist, a Disaster Medicine Physician, an Emergency Medical Services Physician, an Emergency Medicine Physician, a Paramedic, and a Police Officer.  Everyone agreed this concept is a "game-changer".


March, 2014 - "The Boston Marathon Bombings: When First Responders Become Victims" - Grand Rounds speaker at MESH Coalition Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Introduced concept of Immediate Responder to large group of public health, first responder, and public safety providers.


April, 2014 - "Recovery from The Boston Marathon Bombing" - speaker at Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians conference regarding emergency physician burnout, highlighting the obvious benefit and obvious psychological stressor of being an Immediate Responder.


July, 2014 - "When First Responders Become Victims: Boston Marathon Bombings & Beyond" - speaker at St. Vincent's Hospital Trauma Conference in Indianapolis, IN highlighting the impact and risks and potential vulnerability of Immediate Responders.


September, 2014 - Created this website to promote and explain the concept of Immediate Responder.  On a mission to change our understanding of Disaster Medicine!


September to July, 2015 - talking to many people, trying to tighten up the ideas, the needs, the potential curriculum for Immediate Responders.


July, 2015 - "Am I a Victim or Am I a First Responder? - An Update:  The Immediate Responder" - speaker at Society for Public Health & Disaster Medicine Conference in Dayton, OH.  Dedicated entire lecture to defining "Immediate Responder" to a highly qualified group of Disaster Response professionals.  


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